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Energy Poverty in India

The 68th Round of National Household Survey says that at all India level, firewood and chips are used by more than two-third (67.3%) of rural households, followed by LPG, which was used by 15.0% households, while 9.6% of the rural households use dung cake as primary source of cooking fuel. In the urban areas, most of the households used LPG as primary source of energy for cooking. LPG was used by 68.4% of the urban households at all-India level, followed by firewood and chips, used by 14.0 % households and 5.7% of the households used kerosene. This has serious consequences for the indoor air quality in the households and the health of women and children who are often exposed to the emissions from firewood burning and kerosene fumes that result from their respective usage.

Cumulative consumption of various cooking fuels