Make In India – Unleashing India On The Global Manufacturing Map

Did you know?

Manufacturing as a % of GDP






The manufacturing sector accounts for over 30% of GDP in China – more than double that in India

However, average manufacturing labour cost in 2014 showed:

India                       China

$0.92       $3.52

Manufacturing in India holds tremendous potential

  • ✔ Low cost labour

  • ✔ Rising domestic demand

  • ✔ Need for multinationals to diversify their production locations

By 2025 India’s manufacturing worth:

$1 trillion

A quick look back at manufacturing in India

Click on various states to explore State Govt. performance

The best performing states

  1. Had access to skilled labour

J&K has one of the highest skilling targets in the country

  1. Generated conducive policy environments

Himachal Pradesh reduced power tariffs for the manufacturing industry

  1. Improved access to capital

Orissa attracted investments of over $200 billion to the metal industry

The future of manufacturing in India – What is ‘Make in India’ all about?

“Manufacturing will create jobs, increase purchasing power, thereby creating a larger market for manufacturers”

“We have to increase manufacturing and at the same time ensure that the benefits reach the youth of our nation”

– PM Narendra Modi