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India’s Battle Against Malnutrition

Current Status of Malnutrition in India

The Anganwadi Centers are the fundamental Government unit responsible for Supplementary Nutrition of children aged 0-6 years and Pregnant & Lactating Mothers and till March 2015, there were over 10 crore Anganwadi beneficiaries in the country. However as per recent ICDS data, till March 2015, only 76.42% of children below the age of 6 years had normal nutritional status, while 21.47%(1,81,02,598) were moderately under nourished and 2.11% (17,78,432) were severely under nourished. The Government of India is addressing the issue of Malnutrition under the restructured ICDS scheme, however the implementation platform needs strengthening

Poor Sanitation and Low Literacy Rate among Women impede India’s fight against Malnutrition