RTE Section 12(1) (c): How has the implementation been?

Has enrolment increased with increasing funds under SSA/RMSA?

42,313 primary schools and 14,386 upper primary schools sanctioned under SSA.
11,000 schools have been setup under RMSA.

Enrolments at Primary level dipped from 9.62 crores to 8.31 crores during 2009-10 and 2013-14, while enrolments at Upper Primary level shot up from 3.43 crores to 3.88 crores.

How is the performance among various states?

  • For classes I-V, % Enrolment in private unaided schools increased from 25.93% in 2008-09 to 34.38% in 2013-14. For classes VI-VII, it increased from 20.26% to 25.49%.
  • Of the total seats available under Section 12(1)(c), 29% seats have been filled up in 2013-14 compared to 21.5% in 2012-1
  • Out of 2.06 lakh private unaided schools, approximately 45000 schools had reported at least one admission under Section 12(1)(c).

Did the states meet their targets?

*Establishment of Neighbourhood schools by 31st March 2013

The RTE Act has set certain unambiguous time targets for the Government. The SSA framework has been revamped to achieve this target. However even after the deadline has been long passed, there is still considerable progress to be made.