India: The Global FDI Destination?

What are the FDI inflows to India?

  • During the first 3 months of 2015-16, FDI Equity inflows increased by 40% compared to 2014-15.
  • On 10th November, the Government brought FDI related reforms and liberalisation touching upon 15 major sectors of the economy.
  • According to a survey by EY, India was named top investment destination. According to FT, India had $31bn FDI inflow during April-September.

Which states attract more investments?

  • During 2014-15, in the delicensed sector 1663 Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum (IEMs)have been filed with proposed investment of Rs. 4,20,229 crore and projected employment for 4,11,597 persons.
  • 326 IEMs were reported implementation during this year with proposed investment of Rs.73,919 crore providing employment for 1,34,102 persons.

Which sectors are attracting money?

*FDI equity inflows includes investments through Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Secretariat of Industrial Assistance (SIA), Automatic Route and through acquisition of shares. It does not include Reinvested Earnings and Other Capital. FDI equity inflows contributed 69% of Total FDI inflows during FY 2014-15.
**Industrial undertakings exempt from obtaining an industrial license are required to file an Industrial Entrepreneur Memoranda with proposed investment and employment. All Industrial undertakings also need to file information in Part 'B' of the Memorandum at the time of commencement of commercial production.