MPLADS: Where was the money spent?

Are MPs utilizing the money allocated to them?

5 lakh in year 1993-94

5 crore per year since 2010

Prospective increase to 25 crore per year

75 Days : Sanctioning of all recommended eligible works.

1 Year :Time limit for completion of works.


82% works were in Rural Areas and 18% works in Urban areas.(Agricultural Finance Corporation Limited (AFC).

Share of rural and urban area in aggregate cost: 78% and 22% respectively.

How is the performance among various states?

Uttarakhand, Assam and Odisha are at the bottom of the table in % utilization over funds released in 15th LS MPs.

Uttarakhand, Odisha and Bihar are at the bottom of the table with 82.88%, 85.13% and 85.37% in utilization of funds since inception.

Which sectors are most benefited?