Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – A Call For Behavioural And Infrastructural Changes

Did you know?


India accounts for 59% of the world’s open defecating population

  • 2001 64%
  • 2011 53%

The percentage of households with no latrines decreased by 11% between 2001 and 2011

Rupees per person lost in India due to lack of proper sanitation and hygiene

Increasing access to household toilets over the last decade

Move Slider to know percentage of households with toilets

Despite tremendous progress since 2001, there were still 9 states in India in 2011 where more than 50% of households did not have access to household toilets

Driving awareness and citizen participation – Swachh Bharat aims to reform behaviour patterns and provide infrastructure

“Cleaning up the country cannot be the sole responsibility of sweepers. Do citizens have no role in this? We have to change this mindset”

“I urge every one of you to devote at least hundred hours every year, that is two hours every week towards cleanliness”

– PM Narendra Modi