Beti Bachao Beti Padhao – Saving Our Girls To Save Our Future?

Did you know?

2000 girl children in India are killed every day

92 women in India are raped every day

66% vs. 82%

2011 % of literate women compared to literate men

A state-wise analysis of reported rape cases – Turns out UP, Bihar and Chattisgarh fare the best

Click on various states to explore State Govt. performance

States with the highest incidence of reported rape case seem to be in the North East

States with the lowest incidence of reported rape case include UP and Bihar

Could under-reporting caused by social and patriarchal hierarchies be a feasible explanation?

Our present Lok Sabha has the highest number of women parliamentarians in history

4th Lok Sabha 16th Lok Sabha

16th Lok Sabha

With 61 women MPs, the highest representation of women parliamentarians in the Lok Sabha what does this mean for gender empowerment across the country?

With a premise to protect and empower the girl child – What is BBBP all about?